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Well anime fans, you may have noticed the recent High Quality (HQ) / High Definition (HD) craze online. Unfortunately, the majority, of the anime sites online are flat out lying. Most do not even exceed standard 480p quality and in fact many are well below this standard.

High Quality Anime HQ
I assume this means at least 480p or higher. Based on my research on Facebook, many of you stated that 480p is not even considered High Quality and I happen to agree with everyone.

Here is just a sample of the streams I’ve come across from best to worst. Updated December 10th, 2013.

Provider Resolution Video Rate Audio Rate Total Rate Site
MP4stream 656×368 149 kbps 151 kbps 300 kbps AnimeFushigi
MP4upload 656×368 125 kbps 96 kbps 221 kbps AnimeUltima
AUengine 656×368 125 kbps 96 kbps 221 kbps AnimeUltima
Anime1 636×360 128 kbps 63 kbps 191 kbps Anime1
AnimeFreak 656×368 82 kbps 96 kbps 178 kbps AnimeFreak


After completing my research, I spoke with MP4stream and immediately incorporated their streams.

FreeAnime: Why is the audio rate the same as the video rate?

MP4stream: After hours of testing in our university lab, we discovered that increasing the video bitrate by 20% +/- the overall user experience did not change. However, if we increased the audio bitrate, it helped capture additional fidelity lost in the lower bitrates. Essentially the difference between lo-fi and hi-fi audio.

FreeAnime: Wow, that is amazing! How does that improve the user experience?

MP4stream: Well in our opinion, battle scenes come to life, magic scenes have more depth and the music is far more immersive. I often watch streams on my Samsung S4 with headphones and I can easily get lost in my own world. The difference between 96 kbps and 160 kbps is huge! If you really want to see the difference, simply try using headphones and compare the streams from different providers. Even if you have basic speakers you will surely notice a difference.

FreeAnime: Great, thanks again, as an anime fan I really appreciate your time and hard work.


High Definition Anime HD
This is clear thanks to industry standards online. ustream recommends a minimum total bitrate of 1200 kbps. The alarming part, not one streaming provider meets the minimum recommend rate for streaming HD anime online. I even found it difficult to find anime sites that offered consistent HD anime online.

Provider Resolution Video Rate Audio Rate Total Rate Site
MP4stream 1280×720 843 kbps 151 kbps 994 kbps AnimeFushigi
AnimeCenter 1280×720 437 kbps 128 kbps 565 kbps AnimeCenter
VideoNest 1280×720 380 kbps 96 kbps 476 kbps Multiple


Honestly, AnimeCenter and VideoNest are far better of streaming, higher quality, standard streams. Based on my tests, AnimeCenter and VideoNest streams actually look worse than MP4stream’s standard stream. Increasing the resolution from 636×368 to 1280×720 requires a lot more data to maintain the same level of quality.

I would prefer MP4stream’s SD stream. Which would you prefer?
MP4stream’s SD stream 636×368 @ 300 kbps versus VideoNest’s HD stream 1280×720 @ 476 kbps

I might even go as far as saying MP4stream’s SD stream is also better than AnimeCenter’s HD stream. However that might be pushing it!

Based on my conversation with the students from MP4stream, I really think they found the sweet spot. A very nice SD stream, running at 300 kbps, which is 35% higher than similar streams. What I really like is the fact they took their SD stream and more than tripped the total bitrate to 994 kbps. This is 75% higher than similar streams offering HD anime.

This is the one I used in the test above. However many of the new episodes on FreeAnime offer HD streams. One Piece HD Anime Online.

Thanks for reading and please leave your comments and feedback below!

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